Crystal peeling

Crystal peeling

Crystal peeling - Non Surgical Services

Have you ever wished your skin to be like a baby's skin in tenderness and softness?

Do you ever wonder why the skin of the baby appears with this look and texture, while our skin is completely different?
You may have come to the secret! Yes, it is collagen, the secret of skin gloss and its freshness. Which is produced in large quantities in babies, but unfortunately it is less productive as the age progresses.
Aesthetic medicine has reached this fact and this secret has created many cosmetic techniques that motivate the skin to produce collagen the responsible for the firmness and freshness of the skin.
One of the most important of these techniques is Crystal Peeling.

What is Crystal peeling?

Crystal Peel is a deep peeling of the skin using medical crystals to stimulate the production of collagen and stimulate blood circulation and thus restores the vitality and freshness of tired skin full of defects.

Do you have one of these problems? So you have to choose a crystal peel...

1-Tired skin lacking youth and vitality.
2-Skin full of wide pores.
3-Dark pigmentation in the skin.
4-Blackheads in the face.
5-Creeping of signs of aging and fine lines on the face.
6-Acne and scars resulting from it.
7-Stretch marks.
8-Lack of uni-toning of skin colour.

*Crystal Peel cures all these problems as it eliminates the surface layer of damaged and dead skin to enjoy a new layer full of freshness and youth.
Crystal peeling is not suitable for a person suffering from deep scars, deep wrinkles, sagging skin, pimples or skin wounds.
* It is preferable to postpone any other skin procedures for two weeks after the session whether skin cleansing or laser hair removal sessions.
♦ It is preferable not to be exposed to direct sunlight after the session and to make sure to apply a sunscreen cream when exiting.

What are the steps of crystal peel?

1-Applying a topical anesthetic cream.
2-The skin is exposed to a device that pushes a spray of granules or medical polycrystals that performs a medical massage for the skin to ease getting rid of the dead skin and the surface layer of the skin.
*The procedure takes about half an hour, after which you may feel some simple pain in the skin that will quickly fade away to enjoy a firmer, fresh and luminous skin.
* You will notice that your skin has become lighter by one or two degrees due to the appearance of the new skin layer that is fresh and flawless.

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