Privacy Policy

 In this article, we will see a lot of information and answers to any question we may have while browsing here on our website. Because privacy is more than important to us, we guarantee that any information on this site is entered is private.
 In this section we will find all the information about the privacy policy such as: 

* The type of information the site asked for,how to use this data and how to deal with it. 
* How to protect information. 
* Google ADsense's third-party privacy policy.
 *There are some links that may help us understand more about the privacy policy.

First: Information collected by the site: 

  While browsing the site we will see a request to enter some private information, whether personal or non-personal. 
    The Personal information such as full name, address in detail, e-mail, phone number, credit card number and any credit card may be used and the communication method. 

  The Impersonal information are collected through cookies technology which is very proverbal for almost all the big companies such as GOOGLE. 
   Cookies technology is a short electronic code, which Google uses for the purpose of marketing and advertising and also stores private information when browsing for any of the sites.
The timing to visit the site and the favorite topics are then determined so that you can provide appropriate services and newer products.

 Among the non-personal information used by third-party companies are advertising by cookies: 

*The type of search, product, or service that is being searched. 
*The date and timing of visiting the site. 
*Private IP address.

Second: Use of private information:

 The private information that the site may request is confidential and no one can access it and we confirm that it is not used in any harmful way, such as selling, sharing or storing it for any purpose.

 The site uses it to develop the site by showing the favorite topics that are appropriate to what is being searched. All new topics or news about new products or services can also be sent to advertise them via the private online software. 

The user also has the right at any time to stop sending e-mails of this type by unsubscribing it.

Third: How to protect private information: 

  A technology called SSL ensures that all your information is protected. 

Fourth: Approval of the Privacy Policy: 

The use of our site means agreeing to the site's privacy policy.

 Fifth: Contact us: 

Thank you for reading our privacy policy and for any more information you can contact us