Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling - Non Surgical Services

The chemical peeling gets rid of the surface layer of the skin with all its imperfections unveiling to another new layer full of freshness, youth and free of any defects.

Types of chemical peels:

1-Surface peeling:
It uses Salicylic acid, glycolic acid and Retin A, and is used to treat freckles, superficial pores and for skin rejuvenation.
2-Medium Peeling:
It is more efficient than surface peeling, which includes deeper layers of skin. Certain acids are used in peeling at high concentrations of 30%-70% and are used in the treatment of freckles, acne and scars.
3-Deep Peeling:
It is the most difficult peeling, which is performed when necessary only under general anesthesia in the operating room. It is used in the treatment of deep acne and burns scars that have not responded to previous methods. 

It is known that the deeper the peel, the better and the higher the results.

What are the uses of chemical peeling?

1-Treatment of acne and wounds scars.
2-Treatment of mild and moderate wrinkles.
3-Unitoning of skin colour and treatment of pigmentation.
4-Treatment of skin affected by sunlight.
5-Treatment of dark circles around the eye.
6-Getting rid of freckles and melasma.
7-Treatment of wide pores.

Who is the perfect candidate for chemical peeling?

The chemical peeling is suitable for those who suffer from the defects and problems of different skin types and it is suitable for the face, hands and many parts of the body.
However, it is not suitable for those suffering from skin infections or chronic skin disease.

Why Choose Chemical Peeling?

1-Non-surgical procedure.
2-Done under local anesthesia except for deep peeling it is done with general anesthesia.
3-An inexpensive procedure.
4-Does not need a recovery period, you can return to work the next day.

Guidelines after chemical peeling:

1-You should avoid direct exposure to sunlight and commit to applying sunscreen cream.
2-It is preferable not to use cosmetics for at least two weeks after the session.
3-You must adhere to the prescribed ointments and creams and antibiotics in case of deep peeling.

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