Before getting ready to laser hair removal
Before getting ready to laser hair removal

10 pieces of information before starting laser hair removal:

1-Lasers used in the removal of excess hair are safe and internationally recognized rays.
2-Avoid the use of depilatory creams or wax before the session because it cause disposing of hair and its roots.
3-Remove the excess hair with the blade before the session.
4-Avoid tanning creams or exposure to sunlight to get tan before the session.
5-You must commit to the number of sessions prescribed by the physician to maintain the result.
6-Removing the black hair follicles is easier than blond and other colours because the laser targets the black hair dye.
7-Avoid using traditional methods of hair removal after laser sessions.
8-A topical anesthetic cream is placed half an hour before the session to ensure its effect so that you do not feel any pain.
9-It is preferable to put an anti-inflammatory cream after the session to avoid redness.
10-Avoid perfumes and deodorant for 48 hours after the session.