Treating Gynecomastia in men

Treating Gynecomastia in men

Treating Gynecomastia in men

What is the problem of gynecomastia in men?

One of the most embarrassing problems for men is the problem of gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of men's breasts together with sagging which in turn affects their appearance and self-confidence and may prevent them from mixing with people, especially in places that require special dressing such as swimming pools and gyms.

What are the causes of the gynecomastia in men?

1-Hormonal changes as in case of an increase in the percentage of female hormones.
3-Hereditary causes.
4-Taking certain medications.

Who is the perfect candidate for men breast reduction?

1-A patient over 18 years of age to ensure full breast growth.
2-The patient who suffers from large drooping breast size which causes a psychological and severe problem.
3-A patient who does not suffer from obesity.
4-Non-smoker patient.
5-If the patient tries to cure the problem of gynecomastia by practising sports and medicines and it does not work.

Levels of gynecomastia in men and treatment methods:

First Degree:
It is gland hypertrophy only and there is no increase in breast fat and the treatment is by the resection of the gland through a very small wound in the hallow area not more than 1 cm.
Second degree: 
There is gland hypertrophy with a large increase in breast fat, but not associated with sagging in the breast and be The treatment is through breast liposuction by vaser with the sculpture of the chest muscle and the gland is removed from the same suction wound that is not more than 1 cm.
Third degree: 
Like the second degree, in addition to a larger fat accumulation in the breast together with breasts sagging. The method of treatment would be:
-Vaser breast liposuction with chest muscle sculpting.
-Gland resection.
-Getting rid of excess and sagging skin through surgery or through modern devices that work to eliminate sagging and tight the skin without surgery.
Fourth Grade: 
As in cases of people who lose a lot of weight after bariatric surgeries and in that case there is very severe breast sagging due to the stretch of the skin during the big weight and in such cases, the treatment is through breast reduction surgically and there are no alternatives except surgery.

What is False Gynecomastia?

It is the result of breast fats accumulation without gland hypertrophy and treatment can be through vaser liposuction and chest contouring.

Important points about the breast reduction process:

-Dr. Tarek Zayid is specialized in breast reduction surgeries for men to cure the problem of gynecomastia and you can browse many of his success stories through different social media platforms.
-The process lasts about two hours under general anesthesia and the recovery period lasts two weeks at most.
-If the patient suffers from obesity, he must be in weight before surgery to avoid the return of the problem again.
-It is necessary to exercise and maintain weight after the operation to ensure its result.

What are the types of gynecomastia problem in men?

1-A symmetric gynecomastia: enlarged of both breasts and its sagging in the same proportion.
2-A non-symmetric gynecomastia: one of the breasts is enlarged and sagging without the other.

How does the breast reduction process occur in men?

It is performed by a small incision around the nipple and then liposuction of the fats accumulated in the breast together with the removal of excess skin and some tissues and glands, then the breast is lifted.

Tips after breast reduction process:

1-An adhesive tape is placed on the wound.
2-You must wear a medical corset around the chest for the prescribed period by the doctor.
3-A catheter is placed to collect fluids and blood after the operation and lasts for a few days.
4-Avoid bending and carrying heavy objects after the operation.
5-Mild analgesics may be taken in case of pain.
6-The recovery period lasts about two weeks.

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