Thigh lift

Thigh lift

Thigh lift

-Do you have a perfect stature and attractive appearance but lack the consistency of the lower area of your body. Thighs can affect your overall appearance and beauty.
-If you want to get rid of these sagging in your thighs to get a perfect harmonious texture, and if you have tried the exercises and diets and did not get a useful result.
A thigh lift is the perfect solution for you to achieve your dream of having a round and harmonious thigh.

Reasons for sagging thighs may be:

1-Hereditary causes.
2-The sharp weight loss especially after bariatric surgeries.

Who is the ideal candidate for thigh lift surgery?

1-A patient who does not suffer from a disease or problem that affects wound healing.
3-A patient who does not intend to increase or decrease his weight but has a stable weight to maintain the outcome of the process.
4-The patient who suffers from severe sagging of the thighs which cannot be treated by the diet and sports.

How is the thigh lift surgery performed?

1-The first step is an anesthetic step where the patient undergoes general anesthesia.
2-Then, the step of surgical openings through which getting rid of the fat and excess skin in the thighs occurred and then tightening the skin to get the beautiful svelte and attractive look.
3-In the end, surgical openings are closed cosmetically.

*You should stop smoking before the operation and avoid medications that affect blood liquidity such as aspirin to avoid complications of bleeding.

After the thigh lift process:

1-The result appears after the operation, but the end result appears after a few months after the swelling has ceased.
2-The patient feels some pain in the first period after the surgery, which is relieved by taking painkillers.
3-The patient should take the prescribed medications from painkillers, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drugs.
4-The patient can return to exercise his daily tasks after a few weeks.
5-it is necessary to care for the wound and to be clean.

Is there a certain age for a thigh lift?

There is no specific age but the patient must be over 18 years old to ensure complete body growth.

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