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Neck lift

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Nefertiti's neck...has become and continues to be the icon of beauty that many women dream of. The neck is one of the most important manifestations of the beauty for any woman since the long, tight and svelte neck is a sign of femininity, beauty and elegance of women.
Unfortunately, Aging is a thief who steals beauty without being aware, leaving a lot of sagging and drooping skin, which affects the shape of the neck and its freshness, and therefore causes a lot of distress for women.

Does all neck sagging require surgery?

The answer is no, there are some other non-surgical methods that are used to tighten the neck and regain its lustre, but are used in cases of simple and moderate neck sagging. Severe sagging requires surgical intervention.

What is the problem of a double chin?

The double chin is a buildup and accumulation of fat in the neck area which increases its size exponentially until it is aligned with the chin giving a very unattractive look and requires surgical intervention.

Tips to avoid neck sagging:

1-Stay away from fatty food and replace it with more vegetables and fruits.
2-Keep your neck exercises to help tighten them and avoid the occurrence of sagging.
3-Drink water and liquids to avoid dehydration, keep skin vitality and avoid sagging.

Neck Lift Process:

If non-surgical methods are non-beneficial to treat your neck's sagging, you need to go for neck lift operations in which excess skin and sagging neck are disposed of and then tightened through very small incisions in invisible places under the chin.
You may need to perform liposuction from the neck before tightening the skin if you are experiencing fat accumulation in the neck, as in the case of a double chin.

The choice of a skilled surgeon is extremely important:

Plastic surgery requires a lot of precision and skill. For example, neck lift surgery requires a lot of accuracy and experience in dealing with the skin, since removing an excessive amount of sagging skin cause a lot of problems and lead to an undesired result, also may leave undesired scars if surgical openings are done in the wrong place with an unskilled doctor.

After the neck lift process:

-It is preferable for the patient to rest and not to make a special effort in the early days after the operation.
-Must be committed to wearing a compression strap around the neck in the first 10 days after the operation.
-The end result is shown after healing the wounds in a few months.
-We advise the patient to eat healthy and balanced food to help to heal the wounds. 

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