Mesotherapy - Non Surgical Services

Do you suffer from a lack of vitamins in your body which causes a lot of problems for your skin and hair in particular?
You are expected to be prescribed vitamin medications to compensate for this deficiency. But the commitment to take these medications for very long periods with the possibility of their side effects is, of course, hard.
Aesthetic medicine has not left us to suffer this problem without a solution. As mesotherapy injections have been invented to compensate for this body deficiency in an amazing way.

What are Mesotherapy injections?

It is an injection containing materials useful for skin and hair such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and amino acids.
It is injected with very fine needles in the skin or scalp with a depth of 1 ml only with local anesthesia, to produce amazing results.
These materials stimulate the skin to regenerate, work on its freshness and improve its texture. It also works in hair follicles when injected in hair follicles, to compensate it with the materials needed for its growth. You will notice a difference in hair length, density and hair fall stop.

What are Mesotherapy types?

1-Facial Mesotherapy:
Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants are injected into the face through a fine needle. This material improves skin colour and nutrition, also improves its elasticity and treats wrinkles and helps to restore the vitality of the face.
2-Hair Mesotherapy:
Some vitamins and nutrients are injected into the scalp, stimulating hair growth, boosting it, preventing it from falling and giving it a density, vitality and shine.
3-Body Mesotherapy:
It works by injecting composite materials into the body that penetrate into the fat cells making holes in it, that are easily disposed of by the body.

Why Choose Mesotherapy injections?

1-A simple procedure that is done by local anesthesia.
2-The result is faster than many other aesthetic techniques.
3-A concentrated amounts of useful materials and vitamins reach the treated area making a great result in a quicker time.

Important tips before injecting mesotherapy:

1-Make sure you choose well, the Doctor who will give you injections and make sure the materials used in Mesotherapy are of the highest level of quality and efficiency.
2-Some substances used in the injection may cause irritation and sensitivity, so it is necessary to make a sensitivity test by injecting small amounts of the mesotherapy injection under the skin to ensure that there is no allergy.
3-The number of sessions prescribed by the physician must be adhered to ensure the results.
4-For the highest results, you can perform some laboratory investigations to find out the elements that are deficient in your body in particular, as the doctor can prepare a custom injection for you containing quantities of the missing items in your body to compensate it.

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