Medical Threads

Medical Threads

Medical Threads - Non Surgical Services

Did you ever stretch your face in front of a mirror with your hands?

Have you noticed the difference? Of course, you have the right to dream that this look is real.
But this fact is corrupted by the wrinkles and the appearance of signs of aging and the fine facial lines on your skin. Is there a solution?!
Aesthetic medicine did not stand still in front of the wrinkles and signs of aging, but scientists have invented many aesthetic methods and techniques get rid of this problem.
The most popular of these techniques were facelift surgery to tighten the face and neck and get rid of annoying wrinkles.
But does everyone prefer surgeries in cosmetic procedures?
Truth: No.. Surgeries involve a certain risk, as they require total anesthesia, involve some pain and requires a long recovery period for the patient to return to work life.

So what's the alternative?!
Fortunately, And thanks to scientific studies and the innovations of scientists, non-surgical alternatives have been found to tighten the face, sagging and remove wrinkles and facial lines.
One of the most important and latest of these techniques is cosmetic medical threads.

What is the medical threads face-lift technique?

*It is a non-surgical alternative to facelift surgery and is used to tighten parts of the face such as eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, area around the mouth and neck area.
*Medical threads take about an hour and continue to be effective for several years.
* Do not use cosmetic threads in cases of deep and severe wrinkles and severe grades of skin sagging. The most appropriate and best in these cases is facelift operations.

Types of cosmetic threads:

There are many types of medical threads in the cosmetic field, including:
-Temporary threads: the effectiveness of which lasts from one to two years.
-Permanent threads: It lasts for more than 5 years.
-Tissue-soluble threads over time.
-Threads not dissolved by tissues.

The most prominent of these types are:

1-Aptos Threads: These are the safest and most common type and certified by the World Health Organization.
2-Golden Threads: They are made of gold 24 carats. Where the effectiveness of gold on the tissues and on the lifting and tightening of the skin is observed.
3-KHog threads: it is characterized by its ability and effectiveness to stimulate the skin to produce collagen, it not only tightens the skin but also help it to produce collagen.
4-Mono threads: it is sometimes used with the yarn for better results.
5-Nodes threads: These are threads with small nodes often used for sensitive skin.

8 features of a face-lift Threads:

1-Non-surgical procedure and is done under local anesthesia.
2-Quick action, It takes no more than an hour, so it is called a lunchtime procedure.
3-The result is immediate after the session.
4-Its effectiveness lasts for many years.
5-Most types of threads are dissolved in skin and tissues and do not pose a risk to the skin.
6-Impressive results at low costs.
7-Used to tighten and lift many parts of the face such as eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and around the mouth and neck.
8-Restores the youth and vitality of the face after tightening and lifting the skin.

What are the steps of skin lift with medical threads?

1-Apply anesthesia to the face with a topical anesthetic cream.
2-Openings are done in the area to be treated.
3-The doctor will pass the threads through these openings.
4-The doctor will tighten the threads to get the desired result and the level of skin lift.
5-Threads are held well and the nodes are hidden in the skin and tissues to become invisible.
6-Making cold compresses on the face to relieve swelling and redness.
*The patient may feel some pain, swelling and redness after the procedure. These are normal symptoms that subside and fade over time and by making some cold compresses on the face.
*The patient must avoid medications that affect blood liquidity such as aspirin for two weeks prior to the procedure and must inform the Doctor of any other medications.

Tips and tricks after a facelift with threads:

1-Avoid direct exposure to sunlight throughout the recovery period.
2-Avoid applying cosmetics for at least two weeks after the procedure.
3-You must stop smoking for at least two weeks after the procedure due to the harmful effect of smoking on the healing.
4-It is preferable to keep cold compresses on the face to relieve redness and swelling.
5-It is preferable to avoid over laughing, yawning and sharp expressive face movements in the early days after the procedure.
6-Avoid pressing or rubbing the face especially in the early days after the procedure.

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