Fractional laser

Fractional laser

Fractional laser - Non Surgical Services

-A lot of things leave a trace in our lives. It is no wonder if the acne and some wounds leave an undesirable effect on our skin!
You may enjoy a bright, attractive face, but some of these effects and scars are printed on it.
Laser... The latest revolution in the world of cosmetic because of the difference and change in the look that it makes. As it became the radical treatment of many skin problems and defects.
From different types of lasers, the Fractional laser is one of the magical solutions to eliminate the effects of acne, scars, skin pigmentation and various skin defects.

How does the Fractional laser work?

The Fractional laser is not working by peeling the skin, but it works by creating heat points with a certain wavelength in the skin, activating it and stimulating it to produce collagen, the secret behind the vitality, elasticity and cohesion of the skin.
In a few days, the old skin disappears with all its imperfections and the new grows with vivid freshness.
The Fractional laser is distinguished from other different types of lasers by its ability to concentrate its rays on the area to be treated without affecting the surrounding tissues and skin layers.

What are the types of Fractional laser?

1-Fractional Laser: It is used for younger people where their skin is characterized by its ability for division and rapid regeneration.
2-Fractional Co2 Laser: It is the most updated and strongest laser and is often used for older people who have lost their skin elasticity and vitality as it reaches deeper layers of the skin.
It treats deep-rooted wrinkles and scars that have passed through long years by stimulating deep skin cells to produce collagen.

What are the uses of Fractional laser?

1-Treatment of wounds scars, acne scars and many other types of scars.
2-Treatment of skin pigmentation.
3-Treat the annoying sun damage to the skin.
4-Treatment of pregnancy Melasma.
5-Treatment of simple wrinkles on the face and neck.
6-Treatment of skin cracks.
7-Improves skin texture and make it firmer.
8-Restoring freshness and youth to older people who have lost skin elasticity and vitality of the skin.

Guidelines for treatment by Fractional laser:

1-The patient needs from 3-5 sessions at least, one month in between each session and the other to enjoy the fractional laser great results.
2-The patient should avoid any medications that affect blood liquidity at least two weeks prior to treatment.
3-At the session: A topical anesthetic cream is applied and then the laser is used on the skin with a mask on the eye.
4-The laser sessions should not coincide with any skin cleansing and peeling sessions or any other treatment for the acne.
5-The patient is advised to put sunscreen creams on the exit.
6-The patient may feel some pain and redness in the skin after the session, which is normal symptoms that subsides in a few days and it is advisable to make cold compresses on the skin every hour to reduce redness.
7-The result appears after the session, but it becomes more clear during a few days after ceasing of the redness where the skin appears bright and flawless.

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