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Fullness... It is the secret of women's beauty and a sign of femininity, elegance and feminine attraction. Especially in the face.
The slim face, which suffers from voids and atrophy, reflects the tired and unappealing form.
The Filler... It is the hope of recovering beauty and youth for those who have lost it under the influence of many factors, the most important of which are: aging, fatigue or sharp weight loss.
The filler is called filling injections for its active role in filling facial voids and treating wrinkles in the face.

What are the Filler types?

-Permanent type: It continues to affect the body muscles for long periods before it is absorbed and is less safe and therefore less common.
-Temporary type: which is absorbed from the body after about a year and thus ceases to affect the body and is the safest and most prevalent.

Comparison between Botox and filler:

-The Botox is made of protein, which is the botulinum toxin produced by Clostridium bacteria. The filler consists of materials similar to those found in our skin, such as collagen, fats or Hyaluronic acid.
-Botox works by relaxing the muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles. The filler works to fill the gaps of the face and atrophy and thus the treatment of wrinkles and facial lines offering an attractive look.
-Botox lasts for 6 months at most, after which the patient needs to inject again. The filler lasts for longer periods of between one and a half years.

Filler Injection Sites:

-Filling the face gaps especially the cheeks area.
-Filling lips.
-Filling the lines around the nose.
-Deep scars.
-Under the eye for the treatment of dark circles.
-Filling the gaps around the mouth.

What are the steps of filler injections?

It is a simple and fast procedure that takes no more than half an hour, but at the same time requires a lot of precision and skill in the injections to reach the desired outcome.
So make sure to choose the Doctor who will inject you very carefully and do not rush in it, but follow the success stories of your doctor and pictures before and after the procedure for cases that have injected with him.
1-Consult the physician and determine the exact places to be injected.
2-Apply a topical anesthetic cream and leave it for a while to show effect.
3-Filler is injected into the required area.
4-The result is immediately after the injection where the patient notes the disappearance of wrinkles and facial lines in the injected area as the face becomes more youthful and full. The final result is more clear after subsiding redness and swelling in a few days. The patient can also work the following day.

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