Ear surgery

Ear surgery

Ear surgery - Face Surgeries

Even the ear can be beautified, despite its small size and presence on both sides of the head, but any deformity or problem in its appearance greatly affects the overall shape and appearance of the face and therefore on the patient's psychology.

Who is the ideal candidate for ear surgery (Otoplasty)?

1-A patient who suffers from a large or small size of ear.
2-A patient has an inconsistency in the ears with the rest of the facial features.
3-A patient who suffered an accident or injury caused a deformity in the form of the ear.
4-A patient with congenital malformations in the ear.
5-A patient with a pronounced ear or a prominent ear.

What is the appropriate age for ear surgery?

Ear surgeries can be performed at any age over five years to ensure the complete growth of the cartilage.

What is the prominent ear?

It is the prominent ear away from the head, which causes a problem in the overall shape and greatly affects self-confidence. It is most common among children and it is preferable to perform ear surgery to modify the form of the ear before entering school to avoid embarrassing the child and exposing him to bullying due to the shape of the prominent ear.
The ear is modified by the ear cosmetic surgery where part of the cartilage of the ear is cut and the ear is pulled to the sides of the head to reduce the distance between the ear and the head.

What is anesthesia used in the ear surgery?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with a sedative for adults, while the children it is prefered to be done under general anesthesia.

How is the process done?

1-The patient is subjected to anesthesia depending on the situation.
2-The incision is made behind the ear pinna.
3-The required modifications are made through the surgical opening from cutting and amending the cartilage of the ear to reach the beautiful shape of the ear consistent with the rest of the facial features.
4-The surgical openings are closed cosmetically and a bandage on the ear is placed that lasts for 10 days, after which the patient will enjoy the beautiful ear.
The process takes about one hour per ear and the result of the operation is shown as soon as the bandage is removed.

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