Dermaroller - Non Surgical Services

Despite the simplicity of its composition and the idea of its work, the Dermaroller or super-micro needles make great changes in the skin.
It is a hand handle with a moving cylinder containing hundreds of fine needles, which are moved along the skin after cleansing, making holes in the skin which in turn stimulates the skin to repair it, produce natural collagen and elastin to treat the defects of the skin and make it breathe with vitality and radiance. It compensates for the lack of collagen that occurs with age.
The number of sessions required and the interval between them is determined by the physician.

What are the uses of Dermaroller?

1-Treatment of simple wrinkles and masking of fine lines.
2-Treatment of wide pores skin problem.
3-Can be used on lips to rejuvenate them while making sure they are not dry when used.
4-Used to treat cellulite and stretch marks.

Advantages of Dermaroller:

1-Simple and easy procedure that works in a natural way to stimulate the skin to produce natural collagen.
2-Low cost technology compared to other aesthetic techniques.
3-The results are excellent.
4-Without side effects if used by a doctor, only some redness and slight pain that disappears in a few days.

Tips after using the Dermaroller:

1-It is advisable to make some cold compresses on the skin after the session to reduce the redness.
2-It is prefered to apply a moisturizing cream.
3-It is preferable to avoid cosmetics for two days after the session and avoid cleaning, peeling skin procedures and hair removal sessions after the session with a few weeks.
4-Avoid exposure to direct sunlight together with applying a sunscreen on exit.

The Mesoroller... Newest technique, now with Dr Tarek Zayid:

Dr Tarek Zayid uses the latest and most efficient mesoroller technique, which resembles the Dermaroller, but this time the fine needles used in the procedure contain Mesotherapy treatments.

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