Breast reduction

Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgeries

-Although it is less common than breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction surgeries are extremely important as they are used not only to improve the overall shape and appearance but also to eliminate severe pain in the vertebrae and neck, as well as getting rid of breathing problems resulting from larger breasts.

Reasons for choosing breast reduction:

The size of breast in women is one of the most important reasons for resorting to breast reduction processes because of its organic effect, which causes an annoying load and pain on the vertebrae of the neck, as well as the shoulders and difficulty in choosing the appropriate clothes. It also causes difficulty in maintaining personal hygiene and reducing the woman's sense of femininity.

What are the objectives of breast reduction surgery:

1-Reducing breast size.
2-Raising the nipple to the normal level, reducing and hiding the wounds.
3-Giving breasts an attractive form.

Are you a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction is suitable for you if you:
-Suffers from a large or asymmetrical breast size.
-Suffers from severe pain in the vertebrae, neck, back and shoulder due to the large weight of breasts.
-Do not suffer from severe health problems that can hinder the process.
-The size of your breasts had a bad impact on your psychology and self-confidence due to the many details you suffer because of it such as choice of clothes and difficulty of movement and pain.

Pre-operative preparations:

-Some of the required tests are performed after examination of the breasts by the surgeon to determine the exact requirement and determine the size of the breast and make a picture of the size of the breast after the operation in proportion to the rest of the body.
-The necessary planning is done before the operation
-It is necessary to stop smoking for at least two weeks before the operation because of its serious effect on wound healing.
-Stop medications that affect blood liquidity such as aspirin.

Steps of breast reduction process:

1-The step of anesthesia whether general or local depending on the case.
2-A very small surgical incision is made around the nipple and extends below the breast so that it is invisible and called a lollipop wound.
3-Excess skin, fats and tissues are removed to reduce breast size.
4-Surgical incisions are closed cosmetically.
5-The surgery takes 3 hours.

Breast reduction and lactation:

Breast reduction does not affect breastfeeding at all and women can breastfeed again after the surgery safely.

Tips after breast reduction process:

-Wound healing Period lasts for 2 weeks.
-Breast wound from the fastest wounds to be healed where it disappears completely within a few months.
-You will notice some simple pain, discomfort and swelling after the operation, which will disappear quickly and you can use simple painkillers.
-You can return to work after a week at most and re-exercise after a month of operation.
-Wearing a surgical bra after the surgery for the prescribed period by the doctor.
-Avoid lifting heavy objects or pressing breasts.
-Take care of the wound until it is healed.
-The patient is advised to apply special medical creams which helps in wounds hiding.

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