Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgeries

-Breast augmentation surgeries are the most prevalent plastic surgery now because of the importance of breast for women due to its influence on their attractiveness and femininity.
-The size and consistency of the breast affect the appearance of women, their psychological state and their self-esteem, as well as a lot of other small details as the choice of clothes and the harmony of their body.
-Many women suffer from small breast size, which affects their attractiveness and self-confidence. But there's no need to worry anymore. Breast surgeries have become more advanced and painless.

Why should we go for breast augmentation surgery?

1-To restore breast size after weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
2-To regain self-confidence after small breast enlargement in size.
3-Breast reconstruction after mastectomy in cases of breast cancer or after accidents.
4-To restore the consistency and symmetry of the breasts.

Wrong rumour: Breast augmentation affects breast hormones and breastfeeding:

There are many false rumours in the field of aesthetic procedures and plastic surgeries, especially about breast surgeries. Some misconceptions about the effect of breast augmentation on breast hormones and breastfeeding have spread.
Breast augmentation is the insertion of silicone fillings from the most advanced and updated international species, under the breast away from the nerves and it does not completely affect the sensation of the nipple or breastfeeding as it does not affect the breast hormones and consequently its function.

What about a breast enlargement wound?

In most breast augmentation cases, the silicone implant is inserted from a very small wound that does not exceed 3 to 4 cm and is hidden beneath the breast and is not noticeable at all.
In some cases with severe breast sagging, the breast needs a breast lift with the process of enlargement and the wound of the process is a lollipop wound which is very common in the breast plastic surgery where it extends from the below the nipple towards the back of the breast and is hidden as well.

Pieces of information about Breast augmentation:

-The procedure lasts from one and a half to two hours and the patient gets out of the hospital on the same day.
-The operation can be performed for one or two breasts.
-Breast augmentation can be done under a local or general anesthesia.
-The position of the implant inside the breast varies depending on the shape, size and degree of sagging breasts, it is possible to put them under the breast or under the chest muscle partially or can be placed under both parts together.
-Breast augmentation can be performed together with lifting at the same time if there are sagging breasts.
-Dr. Tarek Zayid is a pioneer in Egypt in the field of breast surgeries with all of its kinds and difficulties.
-The breast is examined before the procedure to determine the size and shape of the fillings needed by the lady.
-Breast augmentation must be done with a plastic surgeon who has a balance of skill and trust together with years of experience to be assured of the type of fillings used and to guarantee to last for long periods without any complications.

Post-Breast augmentation:

After breast augmentation the breast enlargement results are immediate, you will notice the difference after the operation directly but you must follow the instructions in the first month by committing to breast massage daily.

Is the silicone implant permanent or can be changed after a while?

The silicone implant is usable and remains unchanged for at least 20 years and can then be changed by another one. In other cases, it may be changed to obtain another size.

Complications of breast augmentation surgery:

There are complications like any other surgery, but they do not exceed 1%, including:
1-Inflammation, bleeding, or haematoma.
2-Stiffness in the capsule surrounding the implant, which requires change.
3-Non-equivalent breasts.

Wrong information:

There are no creams, medical products or devices that can enlarge the size of the breast and all that is said about these things is not true at all.


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