Arm lift surgery

Arm lift surgery

Arm lift surgery

The sagging of the arms occurs as a result of many factors, most notably the sharp weight loss followed by the sagging of the skin in many areas of the body most importantly the arms, which affect the appearance of the arms and the general shape. Also causes a lot of distress in choosing clothes.

What are the main causes of sagging arms?

Sagging arms occur due to many reasons such as:
-Aging that is accompanied by weakness in the muscles of the arms and sagging of the skin.
-Bariatric surgeries that achieve a significant drop in weight followed by the sagging of the arms.
-Liposuction processes are sometimes accompanied by sagging in the arms.
-Hormonal causes.
-Not drinking sufficient amounts of water may sometimes lead to sagging skin.

What is the purpose of Arm lift surgery?

The arms lift process aims to get rid of fat and excess sagging skin in the arms together with the tightening of the skin, giving the patient a consistent and tight appearance of the arm.

What are the steps of Arm lift surgery?

1-The patient is anaesthetized generally and the process lasts about two hours.
2-The incision is made in the underarm and the length and size vary depending on the severity of the sagging and the amount of lifting required.
3-The excess fat and sagging skin are removed with the tightening of the skin to give the shape of the stretched arms.
4-Finally the step of closing the incision and putting the bandages on the arms which lasts a few days after the surgery.

What's after the arms lift?

-The result is shown immediately after the end of the operation, but the end result appears and is cleared after wound healing and subsiding of the swelling in three months at the most.
-The recovery period lasts about two weeks.
-The patient should avoid strenuous efforts and stressful sports after the operation.
-The patient is advised to wear compression clothing to help the body adapt to the new look.
-Sometimes it requires a catheter to collect blood and fluids from the body.
-The patient must stop the medications that affect blood liquidity to avoid bleeding.

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