Rhinoplasty surgeries

Rhinoplasty surgeries

Rhinoplasty Surgeries

Although small in size, it greatly influences the shape of the face and overall appearance. It also caused a lot of distress to the patient if he suffers from some defects or problems in it.
There is no longer a need to tolerate your nasal defects, the Rhinoplasty has progressed very much and despite the fact that it is complicated surgeries that need a lot of precision and skill, but it is becoming one of the most prevalent surgeries.

Closed Rhinoplasty Everything You Need to Know About Rhinoplasty:

What are the types of Rhinoplasty surgeries?

1-Cosmetic surgeries: which is done in the nose to fix the defects of the shape and any sprains or protrusions... Defects in the shape include: defects in length, width, height or in the form of a nose tip.
2-Functional surgeries: which takes place after exposure of the nose to an accident or fracture that impacts on its function.
3-Corrective surgeries: to repair congenital defects such as the problem of the cleft lip, which is accompanied by a deformity in the form of the nose.

Rhinoplasty surgeries are not just for shape repair. How?

Nasal surgeries are not only for repairing the external shape of the nose but are used in the treatment of many cases such as:
1-Contributing to the treatment of sinusitis.
2-Treatment of snoring problem.
3-Treatment of nasal tumours.
4-Treatment of breathing problems especially during sleep (sleep apnea).
5-Correcting congenital defects.
6-Treatment of nasal fracture caused by accidents or boxing.

How to choose the right surgeon for nose surgery?

You must choose a surgeon who has enough credit and experience in the field of rhinoplasty, as it is a surgery that needs high skill and accuracy.

The first surgery is always the best to get the best results:

It is always the first process that has all the possibilities to get the best results, so don't waste the first time with a non-specialist in Rhinoplasty surgery. 

Is it possible to perform a Redo-nose surgery for a previous unsatisfactory operation:

Of course, a rhinoplasty can be performed for a previous case that had performed rhinoplasty and is not satisfied with the results, but it requires a very high level of skill and precision from the surgeon who is expert in rhinoplasty.

Quick points for Rhinoplasty!

1-Rhinoplasty is performed under total anesthesia.
2-The patient can return home on the same day of the operation.
3-The cost of Rhinoplasty surgeries varies depending on the severity of the case and hospital in which the operation will be held in.
4-Dr. Tarek Zayid is a specialist and has a balance of years of experience in nose surgeries of all types and degrees of severity.
5-Recovery period lasts from 1 week to 10 days.
6-Duration of the operation: about two hours.
7-Nasal surgeries affect the shape of the nose to a large degree and thus improve self-confidence.

Closed Rhinoplasty surgeries... The latest in the World of plastic surgeries!

As a result of the great development of the nose surgeries worldwide, nasal surgeries are now closed surgeries which means that there is no external wound as the procedure is performed from the inside through very small surgical openings that are not seen or identified in any way.

What are the nose defects that can be repaired?

Nasal surgeries have become the ideal solution for many of the problems and defects of the nose, such as:
1-Enlarged nose.
2-Lack of consistency and harmony of the nose with facial features.
3-The presence of sprains or protrusions in the nose.
4-A very broad nose.
5-The tip of the nose is slung, flat, prominent or puffy.

Post Rhinoplasty:

1-You should put a bandage on the nose for a week.
2-Daily nose massage for 1 month is required to get rid of swelling
3-The result after the operation is up to 60% of the final result but up to 100% after a month at least.
4-The process is accompanied by the presence of some swelling around the nose and eye on the first days after the operation, that it soon disappears completely and safely.
5-You should follow up the procedure with your doctor for two months.

Wrong information about Rhinoplasty:

It has recently spread in the world of cosmetic, cosmetic and miniaturization of the nose with injections and threads and so on and we must note that all of this is completely wrong and untrue and promoted by non-specialists. 

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