Fat injections

Fat injections

Fat injections

Are you looking for safe and natural solutions to get beauty?!

So the right choice for you is Fat injection, if you are suffering from fat accumulation in certain areas of the body and other areas are thin, empty and not attractive. You can take advantage of the Fat injection technique.

Why is it called "Endogenous fat injection"?

It is called the Endogenous where liposuction is done from fat accumulated areas in the body and the most common is the abdomen, buttocks and then filtered and treated in a sterile way where the addition of some substances such as platelet-rich plasma, which preserves the vitality of the fatty cells. In the end, it is injected into the places to be filled, with the latest safety and quality standards to maintain the safety and vitality of the fat cells.
Also, transfusion and injection of fat is done to the same patient and can not be transferred to any other patient, regardless of the degree of kinship.

What are the most common places to be injected with fat?

The most common places that women want to fill with fat where they suffer from gaps and atrophy:
Breasts, hands, face (around the eye, cheeks and around the mouth) and the butt.

Fat injections or filler injections?

You may feel confused between the two choices to fill certain areas of your body that are lacking to be filled with fat.
Below is a simplified comparison between fat injections and filler injections (fillers) provided by Dr Tarek Zayid:

1-Fat injection takes a longer time for liposuction to be held and then filtering fats and treating it to re-inject it back into the body. The filler injection is ready for injection and the procedure does not take more than an hour.
2-Fat injections continue to be effective for longer periods than the filler and do not need to re-inject other times to ensure the result.
3-Injection of fat is less expensive by a large percentage than filler injections especially in case of need to fill large areas of the body such as breasts or butt where the injection of the filler will cost exorbitant sums.
4-But in contrast, the Endogenous-fat injection technique is not suitable for women who suffer from under-weight condition all over their bodies as they will not have sufficient amounts of fat suitable for transfer and injections and therefore the injection of filler is the best choice for them.

Is fat injections permanent?

To answer this question, it is necessary to identify some of the factors that affect the efficacy and survival of fat injections for long periods of time:

1-Liposuction method, treatment and retransfer. The efficacy of the sterilization in which the transfer was carried out to maintain the safety and vitality of the fatty cells and thus their efficacy.
2-The patient's commitment to post-procedure instructions especially in the first weeks.
3-The patient does not get a sharp weight loss dramatically and suddenly after the procedure. As injected fats become part of the area in which they are injected. And therefore is affected by the increase and decrease in weight.
4-Experience of the surgeon and the efficiency of the injected fats and being free of any fatty cells that are not valid and vital.
5-Some fatty cells may be soluble after injection and can be compensated by the fat stored in the hospital which lasts for 3 months.

Important Facts about the fat transfer:

-The efficacy of fat injections and their survival in the body lasts from one to three years in some cases, and some other cases continue to be effective for more than 3 years.
-The fat can be stored in the hospital for use when needed and will continue to be effective for 3 months.
-Dr. Tarek Zayid advises you to keep your weight stable to maintain the quantity and efficiency of injected fats.
-Endogenous-fat injection is a natural and safe choice as it is injected into the same patient, so there is no possibility of rejection and resistance by the body.
-Fat injection is an injection of live fatty cells, so it is the choice that gives the patient magnificent results in terms of the natural non-artificial look that radiates the freshness and youth.

What is after fat injections?

The recovery period lasts about two weeks, in which the patient may feel some pain and discomfort, which is eliminated by using simple analgesics.
-You must commit the doctor's instructions and wear the medical corset for the prescribed period by the doctor.
-The final result of the injection appears clearly after the disappearance of the swelling and the adapting of the body to the injected fats within 6 months at the most.
-The patient enjoys the great results of the injections that are shown in filling parts of her body that were suffering from underweight and atrophy and now shines with fullness, vitality and freshness.

Who is the best candidate for fat injections?

-Patient suffering from fat accumulation in some areas of the body and others suffer from atrophy.
-A patient needs to re-harmonize areas in the face after a sharp diet regimen or due to partial atrophy of the face.
-A patient needs to treat facial aging such as deep wrinkles and a sunken cheek.
-To correct visible aging signs on the hands that causes fat atrophy.

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