Carboxytherapy - Non Surgical Services

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic technique that has made a jump in the field of facial beauty and treatment of skin defects.
Through the injection of carbon dioxide under the skin, stimulating the flow of oxygen in the blood and activates the blood circulation and stimulates the skin to produce collagen, the skin has a remarkable elasticity and vitality.

What are the uses of carboxytherapy?

1-Treatment of dark circles under the eye.
2-Treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.
3-Treatment of localized fat accumulations under the skin.
4-Treatment of skin cracks due to pregnancy or weight gain.
5-Improve the freshness of the face and its youth.
6-Remove the simple wrinkles.
7-Tighten the sagging skin.
8-Rejuvenation of the eyelids.

How does carboxytherapy treat cellulite and stretch marks?

Scientific studies and experiments have demonstrated the ability of CO2 to destroy fat cells and lipid accumulations under the skin, thus eliminating stretch marks and cellulite. 

Is carbon dioxide used in carboxytherapy safe?

CO2 is normally present in the body and is the product of many biological processes, so it is completely safe. Its increased concentration through subcutaneous injection stimulates the body to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and thus stimulate circulation.

How does the Carboxytherapy session take place?

Carboxytherapy is a simple and fast procedure that takes no more than a quarter of an hour in which carbon dioxide is injected under the skin with a dedicated precise needle, showing its marvellous effect on the skin.
The number of sessions prescribed by the physician must be adhered to ensure the results.

The session does not require a recovery period and does not require anesthesia before the procedure.
Its effectiveness lasts about 6 months in case of skin care.

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