Breast lift

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery operations

Do you need a breast lift?

You are a good candidate for breast lift operations if you are suffering from a sagging in one of the breasts or both as a result of pregnancy, lactation or aging where the sagging of the breast greatly affects its appearance.
-Drooping nipple and halo down.
-If you are over 18 years old to ensure the breast growth is complete.
-If you are not smoker for the serious effect of smoking on wound healing.

Facts about Breast Lift surgery:

-The process aims to remove the breast sagging and make it tight, svelte and attractive and also modify the place of the nipple and the halo if necessary.
-The process does not involve any harm to breast tissues, but simply disposing of excess sagging skin with breast tightening and lifting.
-The duration of the operation is about two hours.
-The anesthetia used can be general or local with a sedative.
-Breast augmentation surgery can be performed and lifted in the same process.
-The operation does not affect the function of the breast or its hormones or breastfeeding.
-Breast lift processes raise your self-confidence and make it easier for you to choose clothes.

Pre-operative preparations:

-Some of the required tests are performed after examining the breast by the surgeon to determine the exact requirement.
-It is necessary to stop smoking for at least two weeks before the operation because of its serious effect on wound healing.
-Stop medications that affect blood liquidity such as aspirin.

Steps of breast lift surgery:

1-The step of anesthesia whether general or local depending on the situation.
2-A very small surgical incision is made around the nipple and extends below the breast so that it is invisible and called a lollipop wound.
3-Removing the excess skin and lifting the breast to appear in an attractive and tight look.
4-The nipple and Halo are adjusted to give you a more youthful appearance.
5-The surgical incisions are closed cosmetically.

Post-operative Breast lift tips:

-Breast wound is from the fastest wound to be healed where it disappears completely within a few months.
-You will notice some bruising and swelling after the operation and you may feel a slight pain that will fade quickly and you can use simple painkillers.
-Wearing a surgical bra after the surgery for the prescribed period of the doctor.
-Avoid lifting heavy objects and stressful tasks or pressing breasts.
-Clean the wound until it is healed.
-You can return to work after a week at most and re-exercise after a month of operation.

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