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Message from Doctor Tarek Zayid

Message from Doctor Tarek Zayid

Dr Tarek Zayid believes that the harmony of your body is his goal that he strives to reach. Your body areas are more like musical instruments that need consistency and harmony to produce fresher and sweeter tones.
This is the responsibility of Dr Tarek Zayid Maestro of Cosmetics in Egypt.

Dr Tarek Zayid
Professor of Plastic Surgery and burns, professor of hand surgery, congenital defects, microscope and laser surgeries, member of the Egyptian Society and European Board of Plastic Surgery.

Why Choose Us?

Doctor’s CV

Dr Tarek Zayid

Lecturer of plastic Surgery and burns, Faculty of Azhar Medicine.
Masters holder in 2010.
PhD holder in 2015.
European Board of Plastic Surgery in 2015.

Honesty and Trust

The most important characteristic of a successful plastic surgeon is honesty, that the patient touches from the first visit. Dr Tarek Zayid planted this honesty in the medical and aesthetic opinions with his patients, winning their trust and satisfaction.

Art and innovation

Beauty for Dr Tarek Zayid is not just a job, but he is using his talents and artistic abilities together with medical experience covered with intelligence in making all areas of your body in harmony and consistency together.. You get the beauty!

Hundreds of success stories

One of your friends may nominate a plastic surgeon, Do not rely on this. Because you have to follow the success stories of this surgeon and see the pre-and post-action photos. Dr Tarek Zayid assures you the dazzling difference between before and after the procedure!


Dr Tarek, may God bless you. One of the best and most brilliant doctors in plastic surgery and hair transplantation in Egypt. Always good luck hopefully.

Peace be upon you,
Doctor Tarek is from the best and most advanced plastic surgeons. God give him more and more progress and the centre is one of the magnificent places in treatment.
Thanks to the whole team.

Expert physicians, higher efficiency, reliable place, reasonable prices and high quality.

Your body our goal!

Maestro of cosmetics
Dr Tarek Zayid

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